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Advantages of the Forest Savers Brush Cutting and Mulching System

Over Other Mechanized Systems

These advantages lead to higher quality, more cost efficient jobs.


�  Can lead into rough, rocky ground with brush rake and tractor wheels
�  Can push rocks, logs and debris out of the way ahead of the mower
�  Can sweep up and pile brush, debris and logs
�  Can be used to dislodge rocks and uproot small trees
�  Can clean wire out of fence lines.  Wire fences can cause terrible wind ups and delays with most other machines.
�  Can push or pull brush out of rough or confined areas into spaces where it can be easily mulched
�  Can easily rake a site clean with rake automatically following ground contours while simultaneously mulching in reverse
�  Uses power and fuel more efficiently than hydraulic powered, front mounted or excavator mounted mowers
� Log forks can be attached or detached from the debris rake in less than two minutes
�  In 15 to 20 minutes the mower/mulcher can be detached and replaced with a winch for use in woodland thinning or tree removals

�  Extensive shielding and safety canopy provides excellent protection for the operator and the tractor for both brush mulching and woodland thinning

(many other machines also provide excellent shielding and safety canopies)

�  Doors on safety canopy are self closing and can be easily removed

(some other machines also offer this advantage)

�  The shielding and canopy can be transferred to another tractor in about a half day

 (this allows the tractor to be upgraded without having to purchase expensive new shielding and canopy)

�  The shielding and canopy do not catch and accumulate seeds and debris from invasive species and thus are easily to clean before traveling between sites

(many other machines also share this advantage)

�  The tractor, even with the added belly pan, has much better clearance than a skid-steer carrier
�  The tractor mounted system operates much more smoothly over rough ground and does not bounce and bob like skid-steer carriers
�  The turning action of the tractor causes much less ground disturbance than a skid-steer
�  The standard, 4wd Kubota tractor with loader is approximately half the purchase cost of a skid-steer and has a larger resale market

�  Can mow grass as well as heavy brush and small trees

(some other machines can also mow grass reasonably well)

�  The rear mounted mower with the unique float system automatically follows the ground contours far better than a front or excavator mounted mower
�  The float system minimizes damage from impact with rocks
�  Since the float system can be set so the heavy mower rides lightly over the ground, the weight is transferred into added rear wheel traction
�  Floating the heavy mower rather than dragging it allows much more tractor power to be utilized for mowing rather than pulling a heavy mower

�  If desired, the mower will actually cut slightly below the surface of the ground to construct smooth trails or firebreaks

(some other machines can also cut below the surface of the ground)

�  The complete system including all support fuel, fluids, parts and service tools transport with 3/4 ton pickup and trailer

(most other machines require considerably larger and more expensive transport trucks and trailers)

�  Can work in and around trees far easier than an excavator mounted brush cutter

�  The hydrostatic transmission allows for rapid changes in direction and precise matching of speed with load and terrain

(a number of other machines are equipped with hydrostatic transmissions)



Disadvantages of the Forest Savers Brush Cutting and Mulching System

Compared to Other Mechanized Systems

�  Not quite as well armored as a skid steer loader,

however the clearance is nearly twice as high and it can lead into rough areas with the brush rake and front wheels rather than blindly leading in with the mower/mulcher.


�  It works best to back into extremely heavy brush whereas a skid steer drives into very heavy brush,

however much of the time the Forest Savers system is working forward so that the operator is not prone to fatigue.


�  An excavator mounted mower/mulcher can generally handle larger, standing trees by mulching from the top down,

however in just a few minutes the Forest Savers mulcher can be switched for a winch and the armored Forest Savers tractor can be efficiently used to pull larger trees to the roadside where they can be sold.


  An excavator mounted mower/mulcher can reach down into ditches or up steep banks that may be too severe for the Forest Savers system. The Forest Savers system can work straight up and down very steep slopes, but can not cross very sharp, deep ditches or reach over guardrails.


�   A tracked machine can work on wetter, softer ground, but is higher maintenance and can cause more disturbance when turning on drier ground.

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