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This field owned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Surry, NH was so badly overgrown with invasive brush that the flowering crab apples at the far end were not visible.  The brush was uprooted and shredded in the field and from tight around the trees in the summer of .  The photo was taken in the spring of 2017.        
photo by Alicia Lacrosse, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Uprooting large clumps of invasives prior to shredding them produces

excellent, easy to access planting spots for desired species and

greatly reduces resprouting of the invasives.

Woodland choked with invasives

Same woodland with invasives uprooted and shredded

Apple tree competing with invasives

Apple tree released from invasives

All that remains of a cluster of buckthorn shredded by Forest Savers' machine

Buckthorn stump cut by Forest Savers' machine

Two views of a hillside where the woody invasives were uprooted and herbaceous vegetation was mowed on the left half of the slope. Prior to uprooting and mowing, the vegetation was similar to that on the right.

Uprooted woody invasives were pushed to the bottom of the hill with the front rake. The remaining vegetation was simultaneously mowed with the rear-mounted shredder/mulcher/mower. At the same time the machine filled and smoothed in the holes left by the uprooting. Desirable vegetation could be seeded in smooth bare earth where the woody invasives were uprooted.

The uprooted woody invasives were windrowed at the bottom of the slope then the windrow was pushed from each end into a compacted brush pile for efficient burning.


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